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Natural Eyelash Extensions

Natural Eyelash Extensions Sydney   What are Natural Eyelash Extensions?  Natural eyelash extensions are single false lashes that are applied with a medical-grade adhesive to your existing eyelashes. The result is a natural-looking set of lashes, which can be removed...

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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Hi my Name is Amy and I own Beautifeyes, one of the Best Eyelash Extensions Studio in Sydney. Aftercare of your lash extensions set is the most important job for you, other than turning up to your lash appointment with clean lashes. When getting your eyelash...

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How to apply under eye gel pads

Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Best Eyelash Extension Studio in Sydney. Firstly you need Clean the Clients Eyelash Extensions then apply gel under eyepads to a clients eyes before eyelash extensions application The use of good quality gel under eyepads are...

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How to properly clean your clients eyelashes

Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Best Lash Extensions Studio in Sydney. You should always cleanse your clients lashes before application. At Beautifeyes, we do a double cleanse using the method featured in this video. The use of a folded paper towel cut to size...

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Do eyelash extensions rip out my natural eyelashes?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own a successful Sydney Eyelash Extensions Studio. Eyelashes are hair. They grow and fall out at different times. When extensions are applied properly, it allows the natural lash to grow & fall out.This means it takes the extension with it....

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Individual Eyelash Extensions Sydney

Individual Eyelash Extensions In Sydney That Make Women Look and Feel Amazing Ladies, we all want to look our best, and that includes having beautiful eyelashes. Individual eyelash extensions give you a fuller and more dramatic look with lashes that are perfectly...

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Classic Eyelash Extensions Sydney

Reasons Why You Should Consider Classic Eyelash Extensions In Sydney I am a licensed and experienced eyelash extension specialist in Sydney. I've been doing extensions for eight years now and have noticed many misconceptions about them floating around on the internet!...

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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home: The Ultimate Guide Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Top Eyelash Extensions Studio's in Sydney. To look more youthful and appealing without the use of makeup, lash extensions may be your first choice. As the lash...

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Lash Mapping – what is it?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Top Lash Studio's in Sydney. Lash Mapping is a term used to explain what curl and size lashes you will use in certain areas of the lash line, it is also referred to as a guide.  To create a set of eyelash extensions, multiple...

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How to prevent droopy eyes with eyelash extensions

Hi my Name is Amy and I own a successful Eyelash Extensions Studio in Sydney. The most common question posed to a lash artist; Can I have a cat eye?  While it's not always achievable to produce a cat eye on eyes that aren’t almond shaped, you must assess first before...

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Handmade fans or pre-made volume fans?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own a successful Lash Studio in Sydney. The new lash debate: Handmade volume fans or pre-made volume fans? Lash artists that are trained in Russian Volume can produce fans at the time of appointment and keep appointment times around 3 hours....

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When do eyelashes grow back?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own a successful Lash Studio in Sydney and apply Eyelash Extensions everyday. The hair has 3 cycles, it will grow to its maximum length and then fall out. When the natural lash falls out, it takes the eyelash extension with it. This is an ideal...

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What are Eyelash Extension infills?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own a successful Sydney Eyelash Extensions Studio. Eyelashes is just like the hair on your head, it grows and then falls out. Your first appointment sees us apply Lash extensions to all your suitable lashes. After 2 - 3 weeks, the set will have...

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What is the process of applying eyelash extensions?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Best Sydney Eyelash Extensions Studio's. Eyelash extensions are fibres that replicate a natural eyelash. Each natural lash has 1 classic lash or 1 volume fan attached to it until all the suitable lashes are carrying extensions. ...

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How long do eyelash extensions last?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own a successful Sydney Lash Extensions Studio. Whether we use Classic or Volume, the most common question asked.  The honest answer is, this is very dependent on a few things... With New sets, extensions are applied to all well grown lashes...

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Ombre Eyebrow Tattoo

Ombre Eyebrow Powder Brows: Why This New Sydney Brow Trend is Gaining More & More Traction. Do you want to know the difference between powder brows and microblading? If yes, then I’ll explain the precise difference between both processes. I’m Amy, the Beautifeyes...

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Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo Sydney – Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips & Permanent Makeup Cosmetic tattooing has been around for many years, and cosmetic tattoo artists have perfected the technique to produce natural-looking results. Cosmetic tattoos are an excellent option for anyone...

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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Permanent Eyebrows in Sydney: What does it mean for your eyebrows? What are semi-permanent makeup eyebrows? When applying permanent makeup for eyebrows we use a single needle that softly vibrates on the outer layers of the skin; therefore, pain is minimal. If you do...

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How to fix Bad or Damaged Eyelashes

Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Best Sydney Lashes Studio's. How to fix bad or damaged eyelashes really comes down to how bad they are and also how damaged they are. If the client has recently had a bad set done, for example - very heavy and painful lashes,...

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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Lashes Sydney | 3 Reasons to Buy Hybrid Lashes Instead of Bare Natural-Look Lashes WHAT ARE HYBRID EYELASH EXTENSIONS? Whether you're a seasoned eyelash extension fan or a total newcomer to the world of lashes, it's tough to ignore how stunning hybrid lash...

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