Lash Lift and Tint. What is it?

Lash lifts are essentially the perming of your natural eyelashes & promise of the illusion of extra volume and length due to the silicone moulds to curl the lashes.

Using specialised treatments to take your lashes from straight to sky high or a soft curl, you’ll enjoy the beautiful lashes for 6 to 8 weeks.

With no regular maintenance, just wake up & go.

No matter your age, this is a treatment you can get at any point whether it be for an occasion like birthday, anniversary or holiday.

You can be assured it will enhance your appearance to fulfil your desire of a stunning and low-maintenance beauty look.


Can’t wear extensions any longer?

Are you over the up-keep of lash extensions?

Do you have beautiful lashes that you just want to see.

With years of experience and professional staff, we are here to provide you with the best service to add curl and beauty to your natural lashes, to look even more gorgeous.

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lash lift and tint

What Benefits Will You Get From Our Professional And Gentle Lash Lift Sydney Service?


Elegant Curls:

Let’s disclose to the world your beauty dreams…
Our professional service will elegantly curl your natural lashes without any damage.

We offer non-invasive treatment with silicone pads to lift the lashes from roots for longer curls.

Open up and refresh your eyes with cool curls and frame your World as you want with a glamorous look.

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Enhance Darkness:

Cut the darkness of inner self with the darkness of lashes!

We couple the lash tint while lifting the lashes for more darkness and thickness.

You can get allured and dark lashes for about 8 weeks with our professional delivery.

Without fake extensions, much pain, or damage to natural lashes, our lash lift is best as it is unique.


Keratin Infusion:

Get your charming and complete appearance…

To make them last longer and to appear fuller, we also use keratin infusion.

Keratin will add strength to your lashes with no to zero harm. Completely glue-free treatment.

Suitable for diverse types of eyelashes.

Doesn’t matter if you have short or long lashes, our keratin lash lift will work.

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Who Is Best Suited for an Eyelash Lift?

It is best suited for those who are looking for a painless, low-maintenance, and no-makeup beauty enhancer treatment.

It exclusively works on your natural lashes to lift them from roots to mimic a charming and elegant look.

If you don’t want to use much makeup, then this is the best and economical option for you.
Don’t worry about the lash type, we know how to handle it and make the curls according to your demand. Just get in touch and let our experts do their work.



Does a Lash Lift Ruin Your Lashes?

It’s like saying that if colour would damage your hairs! Definitely not.

The lash lift is a revolutionary procedure in the aesthetic field providing you a low-maintenance beauty with a relaxing process.

It would not damage or harm your eyelashes if you choose a professional for the service.

Our professional staff are trained to provide you with a gentle procedure without any damage to your lashes.


How Long Does a Lash Lift Last?

The painless lash lift can last longer to about 4-6 weeks depending on your aftercare and your lash growth cycle.

We recommend you to keep the eyelashes dry for about 24 hours and avoid using oily products.

For longevity of lashes, properly brush them upwards to maintain their curls.

The more you take care, the longer the process will last.

Your lash growth cycle is also a great factor in contributing to the maintenance of beautiful curls.

Some peoples lashes can grow in four weeks while others may grow in eight weeks.

So, for your second treatment, contact our receptionist and we will better guide you to protect you from any harm to your natural lashes.


Can You Get Lash Extensions After a Lash Lift?

You can get lash extensions after the 2 days of lash lift.

But we don’t recommend you to have lash extensions within 6-8 weeks of lash lift.

Because the curled lashes cannot properly bond with the extension and you cannot get your desired result.

So, let the lashes smooth and you can have an eyelash extension after 6 weeks.


Should I Book in a Lash Tint for My Lash Lift?

Some lashes are actually longer than they look.

Because they have blond tips which decrease their visual appearance.

A tint will darken these light threads or tips to maximize the effect of lifting the lashes.

If you want to have a more prominent effect of lift with darkness, then you must book the tint.

But our lash artists will look for your lashes if they need tint or not. If they can give the gorgeous look without a tint, we can change your booking.

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How Much Do Our Lash Lifts Cost?

Beautifeyes understand the importance of beauty for women, therefore we value your needs and demands.

Our services are affordable and economical to help you in the accomplishment of your splendor personality with beautiful lash perms.

Our basic cost plans:

Lash Lift Coupled with Tint: $120

Who Should Not Get a Lash Lift?

You should not get the lash lift:
• If you have any previous allergic reaction to the lash lifting. Again exposure to allergens can worsen your skin condition.
• If you had a lash lift 4-6 weeks ago. We would recommend you to wait for the natural lash cycle to complete in 8 weeks and then book your 2nd procedure.
• If you have any kind of eye infection, inflammation, chronic dry eye, or watery eyes. Your eyes should be healthy and perfect to undergo the process.
• If you are pregnant, we would advise you to postpone the last lift unless the first trimester of the baby. Because lash lift is not tested on pregnant women with first 12 weeks. After 13 weeks, it is safe to have a lash lift and would not have any adverse effects on your eyelashes’ growth. You can first contact our consultant and tell them about the expectation time. And we will set your booking accordingly to make the treatment safe for you.
• If you had gone a LASER surgery in the past six months, we need a written permission letter from your ophthalmologist to perform the lash lift. Within 6 months it can interfere with the healing process of the cornea.
• We will not guarantee its effectiveness if you are on any kind of hormonal medication.

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I was so tense about my lash lift, my first was not successful. Then I came to know about Beautifeyes and their lash lift service.

I  searched and found they are professionally trained in their services. Reluctantly, I got my second lash lift at Beautifeyes and my life was totally changed.

I found a dramatic change, my eyes were looking stunning with longer lashes.

Emma is a great lash expert.

She turned my dull-looking eyes into totally new, lifted and long lashes with beautiful curls.

I’d definitely recommend Beautifeyes as they have experts to treat your eyes for your beautiful look with pain-free treatment.

Our Lash Lifting Process is 100% Comfortable for You

Don’t worry how long will this process take and can it hurt me.

We are professionals with the expertise to make the whole process relaxing for you.

We aim to dissolve your whims with a  seamless experience without any damage and hurting.

We use a silicone pad to lift the lashes and to produce beautiful curls with keratin.

Within 30 minutes or an hour, you will get the procedure done and end up with fuller and longer lashes.

Remember, all the procedure happens to your natural lashes and is 100% pain or damage free.

No use of heat, curler, or rods: just a soft silicon pad to lift your natural lashes.

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