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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Hi my Name is Amy and I own Beautifeyes, one of the Best Eyelash Extensions Studio in Sydney.

Aftercare of your lash extensions set is the most important job for you, other than turning up to your lash appointment with clean lashes.

When getting your eyelash extensions done, our job is to successfully apply a beautiful set of lashes but your job is to look after them and maintain them so they last for an optimal amount of time before coming back and getting them infilled or touched up.

Aftercare consists of a few things;

Avoid rubbing your lashes, pulling or twisting them. If lashes are poorly applied, they can be bothersome and this is why people will tend to pull at their lashes, if done well, this will not occur as you won’t feel like you’re wearing any lashes.

No mascara. Mascara obviously coats the lashes. At times we are working to the maximum your lashes can hold so applying a coating over the top can weigh them down.
Mascara is also hard to remove as the most common to buy and use is waterproof.
You cannot use cotton based products to remove mascara as it will catch on the lashes & then you’ll end up with fluff in your eyes. Such a punish to get out.

Eyelash curler is absolute no no, unless you want to snap your lashes.

Some myths about aftercare that I’ll share with you. 
If your eyelash extensions are applied properly, then the following won’t always count.

Don’t sleep on your face.
I don’t know about you but when I’m asleep, I don’t know if I have my face in the pillow.

You can still rub your eyes, just don’t rub across the actual lashes. It doesn’t feel nice anyway.

A couple of important pieces of aftercare that you should always share with your lash artist.

If you experience swelling of the upper eyelid within 24-48 hours after your lash appointment, you should definitely advise your lash artist or salon.
Although at Beautifeyes we don’t remove sets if you have experienced this swelling, we always want to know!

Unfortunately you would not be a candidate for eyelash extensions once you have experienced swelling of the upper eyelids after a lash set as this indicates you are having an allergic reaction to the glue. This will be the case even if you try to use a sensitive glue.

We want to assure you that your eyes are more important and that you should avoid lash extensions in the future.

Another time you should advise your lash artist if there’s an issue is if there is serious stinging after the set has been done – they will advice medical assistance.

And finally, if you have had an abundance of eyelash extensions fall off from your set within 3 days.

If you find that many lash extensions have fallen off within a day or 2, this indicates an issue with the bond of the adhesive. A good lash salon knows their humidity and temperature levels so issues with the environment can be controlled.

Each salon and artist is different in the way they handle fixing sets and its always best to listen to your artist when checking out of your appointment.