4 Steps To Keeping Your Lash Extensions Clean


If your lashes are clean that they’ll stay in good condition and last for a longer time on the natural lashes. Maintaining your lash extensions in good condition isn’t a big deal, but not taking care of them can cost you dearly!

Maintaining your extensions tidy isn’t difficult, but ignoring them could cost you!

This is a simple guide to keep your lashes in good shape!

Step 1:

Make use of a small, clean makeup brush and apply a thin layer of oil free makeup remover.

Step 2:

Use the makeup brush to gently massage on the lashes using an upwards direction.

Step 3:

Cleanse the eye area using clean solution of water till the make-up remover has gone.

Step 4:

Pat the skin around the eyes to dry it out and let your eyelashes breathe dry.Once your lashes are dry then brush them through with a an eyelash brush that is clean to create and separate the extensions of your eyelashes.

Health of the lashes is essential for your lash extensions as well as the natural lashes. Always ensure that you wash your lashes regularly!