Full Russian Volume lashes

What are Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Russian Volume lash Extensions have become a new trend in the eyelash business. They were first introduced in Russia in 2010. They were first developed in Russia in 2010. Although they added length to the eyelashes, they did not give them fullness which many people want. Classic extensions are great for adding volume to a person’s natural lashes. Longer lashes can look more natural than shorter ones. You look more natural with full lashes than if you have them done.

There is a difference between Russian volume and classic eyelashes

Classic eyelash extensions increase the length of the natural eyelash. The extensions make the lashes stand out by increasing their length and giving them a darker hue. Russian Volume lashes are lighter than classic lash extensions. They can cause damage to the eyelash by adding weight. They can also fall off sooner, so a fill-up may be necessary.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are a new technique that gives the eye a fuller look. They increase the volume and texture of the eyelashes. Many people have very short natural lashes, or very few lashes. They need a way to give them more volume. The only way to deal with sparse, thin lashes before this technique was invented was to use a thicker, heavier single lash. This looked unnatural. Natural lashes would then become too heavy.

Volume lashes is where up to six thin, light-weight lashes can be combined to make one natural lash. Instead of adding length, the lashes are fanned to increase volume and length. Volume lashes are usually lighter than traditional single extensions. There are many options for combining lashes, including 3, 4, 5, 6, and 6. The maximum number of lashes allowed is 6, 3, 4, 5, or 6. You may only want to use 2 or 3 lashes combinations if your lashes are extremely thin.

Russian Volume Lashes: Benefits

Russian volume lash extensions fill in the gaps between natural lashes. They are more effective than traditional extensions. Volume lashes give the lashes a soft, fluffy look. Because they are lighter, it has been shown to cause less damage the natural eyelashes. People mistakenly believe that more volume equals more adhesive. However, this misconception is not true for the new lashes. New lashes only require a fraction of the amount of adhesive used in previous extensions. Your lashes will look darker than the classic set, giving them a more rich look.

Another benefit is the way they make you feel and look. It’s easy to get up in the morning without applying any makeup. You don’t need to use mascara again if you have dark lashes. Even if you’re just doing a few errands, your eyes will still be on you and make you look amazing. With your long, dark lashes, you’ll look like a Hollywood star when you do go all out.

How Much More Volume Can You Aim for?

You can decide how much volume you want. There are 8 levels of volume available. Their are 7 Volume levels, 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D. 2D level is where two lashes are joined to form one lash. You can get up to 8D lashes for each natural lash. You can choose the volume you want. Be sure to choose the right volume for your natural lashes. This level can be determined by a skilled technician.

Information about Russian Volume Lash Extensions

It can take as long as two hours to apply full lashes. Once you are used to the application, it is possible to fall asleep while you sleep. The application process is painless and does not cause any discomfort.
They should last between 4 and 6 weeks before they need to be refilled. It is a common question that people have about getting their lashes wet. It is best to not get them wet for more than 24 hours. The adhesive must dry completely before you can use them again. You can then get them wet, but they shouldn’t be damaged. To keep your lashes on longer, many people shower with more caution. Avoid rubbing your eyes as this can cause lashes to fall off.

 Because they are lighter weight and they use less adhesive than older versions do, volume lashes cause less damage than Individual lash extensions. A Russian Volume Lashes technician is recommended. You may not be able to get the best results if you choose someone with a poor reputation or who is unfamiliar with the procedure. Ask the technician or shop how long they have been applying the patches. Ask your friends to refer you to qualified technicians. Be careful until you find the right person.

To get your russian volume lash extensions done professionally, it is best to avoid going to cheap salons. They will last between 4 and 6 weeks so make sure you pay for a quality job. You may find coupons or discounts at some shops that provide the service. Although the initial application is most costly, the cost of regular fill-ins is much lower. This means that you won’t have to do it all over again. You won’t be able to live without your new lashes. After getting used to their lashes, most people feel completely naked.

Our volume sets are handmade  so appointments for new sets are around 2 to 3 hours.

Most people tend to have a nap whilst we work and this adds to the level of ambience we introduce to our studio. A place of relaxation and beauty.

In our studio, our Lash Artists have a combined experience of 10 years and trained with some of the best people in Asia and America.

This is our craft and we specialise in application of Classic Eyelash Extensions and Russian Volume lash Extensions.

We strive for a natural yet full look and achieve this by the 3 different sets on offer:

  • Classic Full Set (Natural)
  • 2D Volume Full Set (Double your lashes)
  • Russian Volume Full Set (Multiple extensions / Fan look)


Bella Baird
Bella Baird
16. November, 2021.
I got my eyebrows waxed and tinted and an eyelash lift and tint by Emma last week and I am incredibly happy with the result! Highly professional service with two incredibly friendly ladies Amy and Emma who are more than happy to assist with any questions. Highly recommend this service - I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
Heidi Wittholz
Heidi Wittholz
11. November, 2021.
Amy at Beautifeyes is just incredible!! So talented, amazing customer service! Simply just could not get any better. My powderbrows are the best money I ever spent. Couldn’t be happier😍 Thank you so much Amy! πŸ™
Kim Taranto
Kim Taranto
10. November, 2021.
My brows look AMAZING!! I’ve been seeing Amy for years, for lashes and now powder brows, and I cannot fault a single thing! She’s so professional, and takes the utmost personal care in making sure you get the desired result… I simply can’t recommend her work enough, very worth it!
Chloe Woo
Chloe Woo
27. October, 2021.
I've been getting volume lash extensions done by Amy for about 6 years now and she is simply the best in the business. I have typical short, sparse and straight Asian lashes which I know are tricky to do, but Amy always gives me a voluminous yet light and natural-looking set of lashes that won't weigh down my real lashes. My infills consistently last for at least 4 weeks so that's money well-spent! I’ve also had microblading done on my brows back in 2019 and the colour hasn’t changed much after over 2 years. The studio is bright, spacious and comfortable (with more than enough space for social distancing), and it's peaceful and quiet while also being in a very convenient location near the main Maroubra junction. Once you've tried Beautifeyes, you won't look back!
Kiani Fukui
Kiani Fukui
23. October, 2021.
Emma is so wonderful and talented - I’m obsessed with my new 2D/3D lashes; they’re light, fluffy and natural. I also like how all the staff at beautifeyes are so knowledgeable, friendly, and focused on health and safety. Highly recommended.
Kelly Levin
Kelly Levin
24. August, 2021.
Hi Everyone, I have been seeing Amy for around 7 years now and have ALWAYS had a very positive experience. Amy is a TRUE MASTER at the services she offers: Eyelash extensions: after 7 years I do not think I could go without my fortnightly infills....I am totally addicted. I always have compliments about my lashes and even after two weeks they look incredible. My natural lashes are still in great condition and have no damage what so ever (actually they grow really well). Amy is really in a league of her own with lashes. Brow Tattoo: Oh what a pleasure to have perfect brows that I can just get up and penciling just occasional tidying (wax) which Amy does as well. So Amy (Beautifeyes) is like a 1 stop lash and brow bar offering services that are exceptional....too easy. Above all of this Amy is such a lovely person as are all the gals at Beautifeyes, they make everyone feel welcome and special.
Nicole Mellick
Nicole Mellick
23. August, 2021.
Amy and her team are all absolute professionals in their field of lash extensions, brow and lash tints, brow waxing, brow lamination and lash lifts. All of these services I have enjoyed from the team for many years. I would not hesitate to highly recommend the team at Beautifies !
Claire Goddard
Claire Goddard
23. August, 2021.
The team at Beautifeyes is fantastic. I’ve been going to Beautifeyes for several years, for both lashes and brows, and I have always been impressed with the results. The team balance professional expertise with personalised service, they listen and consult with clients to ensure you feel comfortable with what is being done, and they are always super friendly. I feel totally confident that I will leave the salon feeling and looking great - every time. I thoroughly recommend Beautifeyes

My overall experience at Beautifeyes was excellent. She was the third person I had gone to and the last two were terrible. I arrived and was served immediately. It took less than an hour to apply my extensions and she was so gentle that I got to catch up on some sleep! It has been a little over a week now and they look the same as day 1. Highly recommend!”

– Mary Grace S –


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