How to properly clean your clients eyelashes

Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Best Lash Extensions Studio in Sydney.

You should always cleanse your clients lashes before application.

At Beautifeyes, we do a double cleanse using the method featured in this video.

The use of a folded paper towel cut to size is for the purpose of cleansing the lashes onto a clean surface and preventing any makeup or skincare from being transferred onto the clean lashes as this will have a direct effect on lash retention meaning the lashes if they are coated in something you cannot see that has been transferred onto the lashes during the cleansing process will allow them to fall off within days resulting in having to re-do the clients eyelash extensions set again.

-I recommend and always follow a double cleanse method as this is the same method used for both hair care and also skincare routines.

The first is to lift the oils, dirts and makeup from the lash & lash line and the 2nd is to cleanse them.

Rinse with warm water after each cleanse and pat dry using soft paper towel or tissue.

All damp skin should be pat dry before applying eye-pads.

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