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Let me give you a quick guide to the world of LASHES and why Beautifeyes in Sydney is the premier Lash Salon to go to.


What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are fibres that are made to represent the look of a natural eyelash that are made in a variety of curls, lengths, thickness, material & colour. They are a semi-permanent enhancement to cosmetically change your look. There are a variety of different looks that can be achieved. 


Want to know more? Let’s look at the difference between all the sets. 


Classic eyelash extensions before and after photos by Beautifeyes in Sydney. Make your appointment on 0451838321

Classic eyelash extensions

Beautifeyes choice for the most natural look is the Classic eyelash extensions set. This subtle change will transform your eyes into everyday classic elegance. 

Classic lashes

The best natural lash extensions are the classic lash sets as it is 1 singular eyelash extension applied to 1 of your natural lashes. This sequence is repeated until all your eyelashes have an extension applied

Stunning volume eyelash extensions done by Beautifeyes Sydney, call on 0451838321 to make your booking

Hybrid lashes

Hybrid lashes are a combination of Classic & volume lashes. As they incorporate 2 different types of lashes and thicknesses, they provide a different level of texture to your set. 

Volume fans are handmade by the lash artists at Beautifeyes so the appointments tend to go for longer than that of a classic set. 

Volume lashes

Volume lashes are considered to be 2D lashes or 3D lashes effectively doubling to tripling the amount of eyelashes you have while still being able to provide a natural look. 

Using specialised tools, 2 or 3 lash fibres are made that resemble a fan – hence why they’re called fans. That fan is then applied to 1 natural lash and this sequence is repeated until all the natural lashes have fans applied.

For that neat and tapered look that quality eyelash extensions should be, Beautifeyes in Maroubra, Sydney is the #1 choice.

Russian volume lashes

Russian volume sets are much thicker as they will have much larger amounts, generally they are 4D lashes & 5D lashes, which means the amount of singular fibres in 1 fan. This however is determined by the natural lash.

More information can be found on my page dedicated to Russian Volume 


Not all artists create the same look so research is the

best thing you can do.


See more of our work including Before and After eyelash extensions photos by heading to the gallery


Do you need Eyelash Extensions Removal done?


Have you had a bad set done? We can help! 

If you have recently had your lashes done that feel poorly applied, painful or feel very heavy, contact us right away. 

Unfortunately eyelash extension damage can occur anywhere so it’s best to contact a professional right away!

You don’t have to live with bad lashes!

Did you know you can book a Free consultation with us to assess your lashes & develop a way to rehabilitate your natural lashes back to good health or to simply to consult on what service you would like to book in for.

Call us on 0451838321 and talk to one of our friendly staff.  

Read reviews from our clients over the years as to why we are the best lash studio in Sydney


Other services from Beautifeyes


Divine lash lift and tint with eyebrow shape to compliment the look by Beautifeyes Sydney.

Lash lift

Are you looking for something with less maintenance that will give you results similar to lash extensions

Lash lift and tint 

This service takes about an hour. Your lashes are applied to silicone & then using specialised chemicals, are set into a mould chosen specifically for you. These are essentially permed lashes. The treatment will last approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Check out our lash lift and tint page for more information.

Perfectly shaped to your face


The one thing you can get into shape without going to the gym


Eyebrow tint

A simple & lovely service that tints your brow hair and the skin underneath to provide you with a darker colour. This is perfect for those with fair complexion, the tint will about 2-3 weeks on the brow hair & up to a week on the skin.

Eyebrow shape and natural volume lashes by Beautifeyes Sydney

Eyebrow shape

This service includes a shape of your brows customised to your face, we follow with a trim, wax, tweeze and eyebrow tint and then a little touch of make-up to finish the look. 


Laminated eyebrows

This newly popular service is taking the world by storm and has been on our service menu for over a year now. The laminate gives more body to your brows, this service will eliminate the daily need for eyebrow makeup like brow gel saving you time every morning!

Cosmetic tattoo also known as Powder Brow or Ombre Brows by Amy Rodgers at Beautifeyes. Make your booking for your best brows. Call today 0451838321

Eyebrow tattoo 

This service is known by a few names: cosmetic tattoo, powder brows, ombre brows & micropigmentation. 

Ombre brows | cosmetic tattoo 

For those that have no eyebrows or missing the brow shape, this is the service that is designed just for you. 

I trained in Russia to bring this beautiful art to our shores. Your new brows are shaped to your face to compliment your look then lightly tattooed to resemble that of make-up. 

To read more, head over to this powder brows page! 

Are you wondering where in Sydney to get these Russian Volume lash sets done? book at Beautifeyes today

Lovely new lash set after eyelash tint only at Beautifeyes Sydney

Beautifully curled 4d lash extensions by Beautifeyes in Maroubra Sydney. book online or call 0451838321

Natural 2D volume lash set for a look that you can wear every day.

Beautifeyes Lash & Brow specialists are a lash studio based in Maroubra in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney NSW.

All artists that are a part of Beautifeyes have been trained by Amy Rodgers  

This provides consistency, so no matter what Artist you are booked with, you can be assured of quality work. 


Our work is completely customised to you, we start by assessing your facial features before proceeding. 

This gives us the ability to provide a lash & brow style that is completely catered to your look.

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Eyelash extension Frequently Asked Questions

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

This differs between lash specialists. Our prices for new sets start at $150. 

When looking for services that cater to beauty, it’s best to look at the work being provided. Head over to our Eyelash Extensions price page for a full breakdown.

Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

The simple answer is yes, it can. 

Lashes that are applied poorly can absolutely be damaging. There is a method that requires patience as a lash artist & understanding of how to provide a style without compromising the health of the natural lashes. 

Are you looking for Cheap Eyelash Extensions near me?

While you will not find cheap lash extensions at Beautifeyes Sydney, what you will find are affordable lashes and amazing quality.

As the saying goes “Great work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t great”

What is my advice on cleaning eyelash extensions?

Aftercare is the most important job for you, gone are the days of “don’t wet your lashes for 24-48 hours”. This information is outdated and no longer relevant. For best results, you should go to your lash appointment with clean lashes and also wash your face daily. 

Can I wear mascara on eyelash extensions?

No, no you cannot. 

The purpose of lash extensions is to make your lashes blacker, longer & neater. Mascara can ruin the neat look of lashes and even ruin volume sets. 

If you have applied mascara to your volume set and your lash artist can’t remove the mascara, a full removal may be required with a new set being needed. This will end up being a more costly mistake so best to put away the mascara.

Removing eyelash extensions at home, can it be done?

It is best to have these removed by a trained professional. At Beautifeyes we are very experienced at removing extensions.  We do however advise that if you have experienced an allergic reaction that you refrain from having them removed as this can result in the reaction occurring again.

What causes an allergic reaction to extensions?

Generally reactions are caused by the main ingredient in the adhesive. Typical reactions include swelling in the upper eyelid. 

If you experience this, it is best to head to your GP for the best course of treatment. 

Reactions can’t be foreseen and can happen at any time over the duration of eyelash services. 

It is not caused by the lash artist changing products and unfortunately switching to a “sensitive adhesive” will not fix the problem. It is best to have a rest from lash services and eventually change to another service like lash lifts & tints.

Went for the classic eyelash look, couldn’t recommend it more! The prices are great and the quality is amazing!

Arianna Angrisano Bonetti

Emma did an amazing job with my eyelashes. She’s very talented and explains everything you need to know about taking care of them and reasons for that. I’ve been there 3 times already and am addicted!!!! The team’s so friendly and attentive. The studio is chic and super relaxing. On top of that, the price is way reasonable for the quality of the lashes and the skill these ladies have.

Ayisha Patel

The girls here are so welcoming and friendly. They are fantastic at what they do – beautiful lash extensions that LAST and are such good value – so much cheaper than other places in the area. Definitely recommend!

Erin McCarron

Great salon and Amy is an absolute star. I’ve had lash extensions all over the world and Amy hands down does the best. She knows exactly how I like them, nice a natural and they last for a long time.

Megan Oliver

This place has made me feel very comfortable 😊
They are very professional!
The premises Is very comfy, modern and inviting….
If you want professionalism come here!

Beck Wholecatering

Got a classic set done by Emma and it was wonderful! It was my first time getting lash extensions but she made me feel very comfortable and did a fantastic job, I’m obsessed! She said they would last about 2-3 weeks but they actually lasted even longer, about 4 weeks before I had substantial lash fall-out, so I’m very impressed! Compared to all the other popular salons, their pricing is definitely hard to beat! Can’t wait to come back for my next event 💖


Exceptional service, fabulous quality and warm atmosphere. I always leave delighted with my lashes & brows and would never go anywhere else. Go here!!

Michelle Bowman


5/181 Maroubra Rd,

Maroubra NSW 2035

0451 838 321


Our Beautifeyes Salon is located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs in Maroubra. To book, please call or SMS us. Due to high demand our salon is by appointment only. Free parking can be found on Anzac Parade between Maroubra Road & Wride Street. Alternatively there is parking across the street at Pacific Square Shopping Centre.