How to apply under eye gel pads

Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Best Eyelash Extension Studio in Sydney.

Firstly you need Clean the Clients Eyelash Extensions then apply gel under eyepads to a clients eyes before eyelash extensions application

The use of good quality gel under eyepads are used for the application of eyelash extensions and the added benefit of providing an eye treatment to the client while the eyelash extensions are being applied by the lash artist. 

The thickness of a good quality gel eyepad is paramount for the lash artist to be able to see a clear outline of the lash line and all natural lashes. 

All eyepads can be trimmed to shape as not all eyelids are shaped the same, this will also prevent the eyepad from cutting aross the clients waterline and irritating their eyes. This can lead to the clients eyes watering and thus making it harder for the lash artist to complete her job. This can also lead to retention issues and the client experiencing red eyes for a short period of time. 

By using good quality eyepads and trimming to the correct shape of the clients eyes where needed, it will prevent the use of additional tapes being used. 

For a luxury treatment like eyelash extensions, the use of paper tapes brings down the quality and look of the surface. The need for these and especially the overuse of tapes can also affect the end of the treatment as peeling off an eyepad is much more relaxing than pulling the skin away from tape off the client. 

Eyepads can be adjusted through out the treatment and if the client experiences watering eyes, you can simply remove 1 side and work solely on the other side.

This allows 1 eye to only be getting treated at a time and you can reapply the eyepad again without it losing its stickiness. 

how to apply eyelash extension gel eyepads