Ombre Eyebrow Powder Brows: Why This New Sydney Brow Trend is Gaining More & More Traction.

Do you want to know the difference between powder brows and microblading? If yes, then I’ll explain the precise difference between both processes. I’m Amy, the Beautifeyes founder. I have been in this field for several years, serving my clients with professional services to help them achieve the perfect look.

Over the years, I have found there exists a great confusion between microblading and powder brows. But don’t worry, I’ll uncover both terms and explain why powder brows are superior. The eyebrow tattoos FAQs will help you decide what you need for a permanent makeup look.

So, let’s dive right into the world of my experience!

What Are Powder Brows and How They Differ from the Microblading?

Ombre brow tattoo are permanent make up – aka PMU, that create the look of powder or pencils on the brows without daily drawings on the face. Powder brows differ from the microblading in the procedure.

Powder brows are a cosmetic tattoo done by using a micro-pigmentation machine that inserts the pigment into the skin. This is performed by a handheld device with a tiny needle that defines the shape of the brows.

The significant difference between the microblading and powder brows tattoo is the look. Powder brows are made to look like lightly powdered or penciled make up has been applied whereas microblading is meant to resemble hair strokes in the same pattern as the natural brow hair of the client. 

Which are the Best Eyebrow tattoos, Microblading or Powder Brows?

If you want to go with the advice of a professional, then I’d suggest that powder brows are superior and look best compared to microblading. During my professional journey, I found I preferred powder brows best based on many reasons. First, the powder brows method gives a complete makeup look, to compliment the natural eyebrows with a beautiful shade. Second, the powder brows last for about 1-3 years. Moreover, the powder brows tattoo doesn’t harm your natural eyebrows, in fact, if done correctly, can stimulate natural hair growth. 

Does Powder Brows Hurt?

The pain is tolerable and in some, not painful at all, in fact, powder brows are less painful than microblading. We apply topical anaesthetics during the procedure so you will not feel the pain. Just a mild sensation of pain that is tolerable.

Is Powder Brows   A Permanent Makeup Method?

The process of powder brows involves the insertion of pigment into the skin. So, powder brow is a permanent method of makeup that makes your eyebrows natural and soft for up to 5 years.

Ombre Powder Brow Tattoo

Is There Any Aftercare Process for the Powder Brows?

There is an aftercare process that you have to follow to maintain the shape and shade of your brows. The primary method includes the cleaning of brows very soon after the procedure and then dry healing. You are provided with an aftercare sheet where you follow some other points to extend the lifetime coverage of powder brows and take care during the healing period. You should avoid makeup on the brows 7-10 days. Don’t workout and avoid sun exposure.

How long Does the Process of Powder Brows take?

The seamless process of powder brows would only take you two to three hours. It involves mapping of brows, and application of a digital machine to give you a more defined, prominent, and permanent makeup look.

How Many Touch Ups Will You Need After?

What makes the Powder Brows superior to microblading? You need fewer touch-up appointments, and this is the plus point for powder brows. An initial touch-up is done 4-6 weeks after the first appointment and if you want to top up the shade and shape of your brows that is usually done around 12 months after your first appointment or when the brows have faded. The time frame may extend to 2-3 years based on your aftercare and your skin type.

Ombre Powder Eyebrow Tattoo

Is Powder Brows Safe Procedure?

Powder brows are a safe method as we use disposable one-use only instruments during the process so that there will be no risk of spreading infection to others. I completely follow the SOP’s and adopt every possible precautionary measure to ensure your safety.

Are Ombre Powder Brows Suitable for Oily Skin?

Don’t worry if you have oily skin. You are still the best candidate for the powder brows method. Unlike microblading, powder brows are suitable for diverse skin types, including oily skin. Powder brows will add volume, dimension, and proper thickness even if you have darker hairs for a no-makeup complete look.

Does Eyebrow Grow Back after Powder Brows?

Powder brows can stimulate growth in your brow area because of the lightly tattooed nature of application. Powder brows don’t interfere with the natural eyebrow growth cycle.

Powder Brow Eyebrow Tattoo

How Long Does It Take To Heal From Ombre Powder Brows Tattoos?

Naturally, you will observe some redness  on the skin right after the treatment and flaking of the brow colour about 7 days after procedure. But that’s natural and will heal completely and the colour will settle within the 4-6 weeks. Some people heal faster as compared to others.

Do We Offer the Powder Brows Tattoos?

To help you with your complete look, we offer the best powder brows tattoo services. You can book your consultation appointment online and meet with Amy to discuss and learn about your new brows. You should join those numerous trusted clients in Sydney. Click here, and get your appointment.