6 Shocking Facts About Lash Shedding


Lash shed happens for every person and is a regular phenomenon that happens more often than you imagine. Loss of lashes can occur regardless of lash extensions and is crucial to the process of growing hair.

  1. The average loss is 20 percent of their lashes in the span of two weeks.
  2. Natural eyelashes can grow and out of cycles of hair growth every 60 to 90 days.
  3. A person may shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes each day.
  4. If a natural lash is ripped out, a new one develops in the same place quickly.
  5. If the eyelash extensions are correctly applied the lash extensions are is attached to a single strand of the natural eyelashes. If the natural lash falls out and the extension lash.
  6. In certain seasons there are times when you have fewer lashes lost than you normally and this is known as the seasonal Molting.

After learning some crucial details about lash loss It is simple to see why regular lash fillings to keep the look of the lashes. In general two weeks is the length of time that will be passed before you need to fill your lashes. Make sure that your lashes look gorgeous and ensure that you stay on the top of your fills routine!