A lash lift and tint can take one hour to one and a half hours depending on the products we use. 

At Beautifeyes we use premium products with a faster developing system to provide the best lash lift that will last you up to 8+weeks.

At first we consult with you and assess your eyes and natural lashes and determine which mould is better suited.

There are two looks you can achieve with the lash lift

1) you can have the natural looking curled lash which gives a curl similar to that of eyelash extensions.

2) for one that is similar to that of an eyelash curler where it bends the lashes close to the lash line.

Some people have a preference and some like to test out both at different appointments so they can see which one they prefer.

Once the mould is chosen, that mould is applied to your eyelid using a water-based glue your lashes are then very neatly glued to the mould.

This process can take a bit of time especially for those that have naturally messy lashes or even very tough lashes as they don’t want to stick to the mould as well so requires extra care to apply them well.

Once the natural lashes are neatly applied to the mould, the first part of the chemical treatment is applied to the lashes, this part of the treatment can be anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes, this varies greatly due to their products each Salon may choose to use.

The function of the first chemical treatment is to break the inner bonds of the hair. 

As the lashes have been moulded to create the look you want to achieve, it is extremely important that lashes should be neat, as the way in which the lashes are applied to the mould is how they will look for the end result.

Once that time is up, it is extremely important to always stick to manufacturers guidelines, as this is a chemical treatment excessive treatment time above the manufacturing guidelines can result in singeing of the natural lashes. 


Once the timer has gone off for the appropriate time, the chemical treatment is removed and we  wipe over with a wet cotton round or wet cotton bud as the water will stop the chemicals from processing any further.


Once this is removed and lashes have dried, (this does not take long), we proceed to the second part of the chemical treatment. 

The neutraliser, as it is known, is what sets the bonds in the way that they have been moulded. 

The treatment time again is set as per manufacturers guidelines and can be anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes. 


Once the time is completed, the solution is removed and a wet cotton round or cotton bud used to stop the chemical process from continuing. A Lash Lift will not damage your lashes if done correctly and by a an experienced technician.


Any excess glue from the lashes and the mould is rinsed off and we proceed to take the mould off the eyelid.


We always tint the client lashes after a perm/lash lift as the chemicals will strip the hair of its colour in most cases and is quite dehydrated and lacking any nutrients.


You can opt to use a black, blue black, or even a brown tint for your client.


The tint only needs to stay on the lashes for 5 minutes due to the hair being so dehydrated from the chemical treatment it will absorb the colour quite quickly.


We then proceed with an eye bath to remove the excess tint and apply a nourishing oil treatment.