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Lash mapping - what is it?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Top Lash Studio’s in Sydney.

Lash Mapping is a term used to explain what curl and size lashes you will use in certain areas of the lash line, it is also referred to as a guide. 

To create a set of eyelash extensions, multiple lengths (& sometimes different curls) are used from the inner eye to the outer eye rather than 1 length across the entire lash line.  

The Lash Map or Guide is written on the eye pad and shows what size &/or curl to use in which area so that your work across both eyes is done evenly. 

Important tip::  

It’s important to know where to increase lengths along the lash line because if you increase the length as the lash line rounds, it can look like you have skipped an entire millimeter and can throw out the look of your set.  

Important tip No.2 :: 

A lash map or guide will work for 1 individual but not another. 

It’s the Artist’s job to understand each individual and understand the art. 

A lash map may not work between the individual clients eyes as each eye can be different and require a different “map” to achieve symmetry.  

There are courses for styling & they are helpful to those that need it but 1 of the most important self help moves is to always take photos of your work and assess it so you can see what you like & what you don’t and where you would change things. 

Eventually the more eyes you see, the mapping will become clearer and you will know what curl to use on certain eyes. We use only handmade fans for a much better result.

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