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How to prevent droopy eyes with Eyelash Extensions

Hi my Name is Amy and I own a successful Eyelash Extensions Studio in Sydney.

The most common question posed to a lash artist;

Can I have a cat eye? 

While it’s not always achievable to produce a cat eye on eyes that aren’t almond shaped, you must assess first before promising such a look. 

Most people think that cat eye effect has longer lashes on the ends however this can result in the extensions weighing down the natural lashes, therefore giving droopy eyes. 

  • In order to give “lift” you should use shorter extensions towards the end of the lash line. 

You need to consider the:

  • weight to strength ratio; 
  • eyes & the lashes; and
  • where to lengthen in the correct spot. 

If the lashes are growing downwards & you apply a long thick extension to it, it will be weighed down even more. You can fix damaged lashes in a few simple steps.  

The natural lash needs something in the opposite direction. Try shorter or a stronger curl. To get customised eyelash extensions for your eye shape you have come to the right place 

Pro Tip:
If you haven’t achieved the desired look, ensure you have an open eye photo and make changes the next time you see the client.

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