Reasons Why You Should Consider Classic Eyelash Extensions In Sydney

I am a licensed and experienced eyelash extension specialist in Sydney.

I’ve been doing extensions for eight years now and have noticed many misconceptions about them floating around on the internet! I wanted to write this blog post to clear up some of those myths.

One problem with other blogs is that they talk from a biased point of view – either from someone who has never had eyelash extensions before or someone who only does lash lifts.

In contrast, my experience as an expert in the field will allow me to be honest about what it’s like working with clients every day.

This article goes into detail about why you should consider classic eyelashes if you want beautiful lashes without going through expensive procedures at a salon.

Individual Lashes

classic lashes

What are the benefits of classic eyelash extensions?

As a lash expert, I assure you there is an unending and luscious list of benefits of eyelash extensions that I have uncovered with the help of my various clients.

First, let’s make a distinction between the volume and classic lashes.

Classic lash involves the process of application of a single lash extension over the natural lash.

At the same time, the volume lash is the application of multiple lashes to one natural lash.

The hybrid volume eyelash may be 2D or 3D.

Here is an overview of the benefits of classic eyelash extensions.

Classic Lashes are more Natural:

Despite having beauty treatment, every woman wants to look more natural.

The classic eyelash extension is the one-to-one lash extension application to the natural lash, thus mimicking a more natural look.

These lashes make your lash line look darker and fuller ever than before.

classic natural lash extensions by Beautifeyes lash artists in sydney

Classic lash extensions on blue eyes

Enhance Your Eye and Add Volume

The luscious classic eyelashes add volume to your natural and dull lashes with many lifting the eye with beautiful curls.

Thus, most women feel a dramatic shift in their faces towards a more youthful one.

Become the envy of your friends and family without the use of heavy makeup or beauty products.

Classic Lashes Are Long Lasting

The classic extension is one false lash to one natural lash, so they last longer than 2D or 3D lashes.

Extensions stay as long as the natural growth cycle, which is roughly six weeks, because they are attached to the individual lashes themselves.

There is no need for these lashes to take the off at night and again apply them in the morning like the need with false eyelashes.

Once you have the full set of classic lashes, enjoy them for many weeks without fear of fall out.

Before and after eyelash extensions Classic Eyelash Extensions

Why you should consider classic lashes if you want to save time and money

There is no whim in the statement that eyelash extension is the best choice to save your time and money.

First, let’s talk about the economic benefits of classic lashes.

Generally, eye makeup comprises lash stripes, false lashes, eyeliner, and mascara to complement your daily morning makeup.

At night, you need the makeup remover and other products that cost a fair price.

In the same way, applying eye makeup in the morning and removal at night fuels your precious time.

Eyelash Extensions save the time that you were to spend on daily makeup, and the cost burned on different eye makeup products.

Whether you choose the classic or hybrid extensions, you will get luscious, fuller, darker eyelashes for 6-8 weeks without any additional need for makeup products like mascara.

Wake up in the morning, add a dab of foundation, a chap with lipstick, and sprinkle eyeshadow and you are ready to explore your horizon with a full look.

The disadvantages of classic lash extensions, including potential damage to your natural lashes

As the picture has two sides, similarly, the classic set of eyelash extensions has downsides related to the lash technician.

Lash Extensions are Pricier and Uncomfortable

Price is the first and foremost factor for women to opt for any beauty treatment.

The lash extensions are a semi-permanent type of eye makeup specifically popular among millennial beauty enthusiasts.

The cost for a full lash set may range anywhere between $120-$500. On top of that, refill and touch up every two to three weeks is required that imparts additional costs.

Though the lash extensions are made lightweight to set to your natural eye and lashes, but for some clients, wearing the extensions all the time seems uncomfortable.

They might not be used to wearing makeup or have dry eyes susceptible to infection.

For wearing the extensions with the beauty to its peak and secure your lash line, complete aftercare is required.

Lash Extensions may Ruin Your natural Lashes.

Among the other types of lashes, the lash extensions are pretty much safe.

But it is affected by your lash artist and the type of products used.

A single mistake of your lash professional can lead you to a severe mishap.

For instance, the sticking of extensions to the pre-glued natural lashes can ruin them.

Improper lash extensions’ length and thickness can cause the premature shedding of natural lashes. Going with cheap products also affects your natural lashes.

How much does it cost to get a set of classic lash extensions done in my area?

The cost of classic set eyelash extensions is influenced by various factors, including:

  • The look you want
  • The skills of a lash artist
  • Duration of treatment: either you need half or full set volume lash
  • Type of material: either synthetic or natural

The average price for the classic full eyelash extensions is about $150 to $300 and even more, depending upon your requirements.

The full set lash of the classic category constitutes about 800 to 100 lashes, but you can get fewer or half set as well.

The more length and thickness you need more will be the charges.

How long do they last – how often do I need them done again?

Generally, the classic lashes last longer than the hybrid or volume lashes.

Because the classic lashes include the application of a single extension to the natural lash.

So, the lifespan of lash extensions depends on the growth of natural lashes.

The classic eyelash extension can last from four to six weeks.

During this time, as the natural lashes grow, the extensions shed.

This is a normal process and needs touchups and refills.

Your lash artist recommends a refill after every three to four weeks.

The cost of a classic lash refill range from 50 to 70% of your total price treatment.

Some salons offer special discounts for their clients to refill.

Simply put, refills are the application of extensions to the place where they are missing in the lash line.

Refills again make your face look youthful by complementing the beauty of eyes to darker and fuller lashes.

Where can I find someone who offers this service near me

Well, if you are looking for experts in classic eyelash extensions with years of experience, then Beautifeyes Sydney lash expert must be your prior choice.

I’m Amy, the lash expert with plentiful experience in handling clients to their utmost satisfaction. I have a team of completely trained and cooperative staff who will perform their work in a friendly manner.

At Beautifeyes, we assure your desired and dreamy look with beautiful and fuller classic natural set eyelash extensions for many weeks without any need for makeup.

So, please don’t waste your time hopping from one salon to other-just contact us.

Other tips for maintaining my extensions over time (i.e., not using makeup remover)

After getting the eyelash extensions, another job is waiting for you to accomplish.

Yeah, the care and maintenance of the extension to extend their fullness and beauty.

To reduce the price and frequency of infills and protection of natural lashes, aftercare is mandatory.

You can opt for the following tips to love your lashes even more:

Firstly, keep your lashes clean, and you need just a lash cleanser for this purpose. Don’t use makeup remover or face wash.

Apply the lash cleanser to the brush and gently wash in the downward direction. Let the lashes dry in the air and use a wand to keep them fluffy and natural.

Don’t use the mascara because the lash extensions are already darker.

If you still want to use it, you must buy the mascara with the water-based label.

Waterproof mascara will stick to the lashes, causing them premature fall.

And last but not least, strictly adhere to the refill appointment to retain the beauty of extensions.

We hope this post has given you a better understanding of the Classic Lash Extensions and how they compare to other types.

If you want more information about our Hybrid Lashes or any of our services, please get in touch with us today!



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