Eyelashes are hair. They grow and fall out at different times.

When extensions are applied properly, it allows the natural lash to grow & fall out.
This means it takes the extension with it.

Eyelash extensions are designed to be applied to 1 natural lash at a time, whether it be a classic lash or volume fan.

  • They should be so lightweight that you forget you are wearing them.

Poorly applied eyelash extensions can definitely be damaging to the natural lashes.
If your lash extensions are uncomfortable or painful, we recommend you remove as soon as possible by a qualified lash artist.

  • When left on, you can almost guarantee that it will have damaged some of your lashes. 

Poor quality work over time can change the state of your natural lashes, however you can rehabilitate your lashes using products like lash serums.
These will help promote new growth and stronger lashes. 

A perfect set of extensions done regularly gets us into a love affair of what they look like and we definitely get used to that look.


Had a break from lash extensions? For those that have, they start to worry that their lashes are not the same as what they used to be.

This can definitely be the case but sometimes it’s also due to the fact that we have become accustomed to what the extensions look like and not our natural lashes. 

If you think you have suffered from lash damage, you can start using a lash serum to help promote growth of new and strong lashes. 

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