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20. May, 2022.
Lash lift and tint looked amazing, and it has lasted nearly over a month. Will definitely be coming back 🙂
Jessica Mesiano
Jessica Mesiano
24. April, 2022.
I got my eyebrows laminated with Amy and she did an amazing job! They are perfect
malou vuillermet
malou vuillermet
9. April, 2022.
Just moved to Maroubra and needed a new eyebrow place. Great service! The staff is absolutely lovely. Felt very comfortable and have already booked my next appointment.
Jodie Levy
Jodie Levy
5. April, 2022.
I’ve had a couple of Lash Lifts at Beautifeyes Maroubra and they do a wonderful job. The salon has a really lovely feel when you walk in and the ladies are very professional and friendly.
Sandy Lalande
Sandy Lalande
26. March, 2022.
Was so impressed by the service I received from Emma. She listened what I was after and did my eyesbrows just as I wanted. Emma was so lovely and caring, it was a pleasant moment! I will be back!!.💙
Georgina Walker
Georgina Walker
28. February, 2022.
I am a returning customer having booked eyelash tinting & lift. This business is faultless…professional service, very clean, tidy & relaxing premises, experienced staff and value for money! Thank you Beautifeyes
Ombre Powder Eyebrow Tattoo
Ombre Powder Brow Tattoo

Beautifeyes now offering Powder Brows

Everybody knows that brows frame the face.

Your shape should be natural and defined.

But because everyone’s brows are different it would be crazy to to take the same tattooing approach on every client.

This is the Beautifeyes cosmetic eyebrow tattoo difference.

A lightly tattooed eyebrow that is designed to compliment the hair on your brows that you already have.

Ombre Powder Brows is not the same as the conventional microblading  or feather touch brow tattoo technique.

It is a more modern cosmetic tattooing procedure since it is surface work meaning it is on the epidermis layer of the skin.

The outcomes are a blurred front and a fresh feather tail – and seems as though you have makeup on!

The permanent makeup tattoo will last UP TO 1-3 years relying upon skin type and way of life. All outcomes differ.

Starting with a consultation at our eyebrow studio, I will assess your current brows and reshape them.

Once the brows are perfect, your next appointment is implantation of micro pigments that represent a powdered look.

Eyebrow tattooing is not meant to be a heavy makeup look but that “lightly powdered” effect so they’re perfect for when you’re not wearing makeup.

The shape of your eyebrows sets the tone of your facial appearance.

If you want to have brows that are perfect from morning through to night, then book your consultation with Amy for Powder Brow Cosmetic Tattoo.

Powder Brow Eyebrow Tattoo

Your Brow Consultation & Appointment

Your brow consultation is all about you, I will assess your face and brows and then shape your eyebrows.

You have full control over the final shape and I want your experience to be one you will tell your friends about.

Beautifeyes specialise in Lashes & Brows and creating the most flattering shape that compliments the shape of your face.

That’s my core value, ensuring that our work compliments your natural beauty 

The simple fact is eyebrow shaping can take years off your face & making you look younger.
Your perfect eyebrows will automatically enhance every other feature of your beautiful face. 

Once your are satisfied with your new brows, your appointment for Powder Brow Cosmetic Tattoo is booked within a week.

The initial appointment is approximately 3 hours and your 2nd appointment is booked 4-6 weeks later.

Cosmetic Tattoo should always been seen as a 2 part process. The 2nd appointment is to do any final touch ups.

To make your appointment, call Amy on 0451 83 83 21

I’ve been Beautifeyes 5 times now and have had a great experience every time. Amy is very professional, has a lot of knowledge and goes above and beyond other salons.

– Alicia W –

Are you tired of the daily morning ritual of drawing on your brows?


Do you need a permanent makeup look with fuller, darker, and perfect-shaped eyebrows every morning?


Beautifeyes presents the low-maintenance permanent make up (PMU)  method of eyebrow tattoos to give you beautiful brows that will enhance your personality.

Our brows specialists are trained to fill in your sparse areas with the least invasive method of ombre powder brows to reflect complete and filled eyebrows with no need for pencils and shade.

Let’s get ready Sydney, for the best eyebrow tattoos services in 2021.


What is Powder Brow Tattoos and Why it is Superior to Microblading and Feather Touch Brow Tattoo?


You might have heard that microblading is the best way to get fuller and darker brows for a long time.

But that’s not completely true. Microblading has been surpassed by powder brow tattoos, owing to its suitability to a wide range of skin types.

Powder brows is a type of PMU  method that compliments and completes brows according to your facial features.

In the eyebrow styling and tattooing technique, we use a safe small machine to implant small spots of pigments into the epidermis of the skin.

And you will get a soft and makeup look of full eyebrows every morning.

The cosmetic powder eyebrow tattooing will provide a permanent makeup look. 

One-time treatment of powder brows will free you from the hassle of drawing your brows in daily.



What Benefits Do You Get From Powder Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing?

Suitable for Diverse Skin Types

The major benefit that makes the powder brows superior choice for women is it is suitable for diverse skin types.

Microblading doesn’t fit well to the oily skin.

Don’t get frustrated if you have oily skin. Beautifeyes have a highly customized and personalized brows tattoos process that fits best to your oily skin.

Less Invasive Technique

Powder brows is less invasive than microblading. With powder brows tattoo, a digital machine is used to implant pigments in a series of dots on your brows to create powder or velvet-like brows.

We also use a topical cream to minimize the pain and to make the experience of brows tattoos realistic and seamless for you.

Needs Less Touch-up Appointments

This cosmetic eyebrow styling technique requires less touch-ups as compared to others.

To maintain the perfect and natural shade of the brows, annual touch-up appointments are recommended.

The color may fade earlier or late, so the touch-up appointments will revive the color and lifespan of powder brows.

Lifetime Permanent Makeup Look

We highly recommend the cosmetic brows tattoos that can enhance your appearance and provide a permanent look for 3-5 years.

It depends on different factors like aftercare, your lifestyle, and your routine.

You will get the dramatic fuller brows for many years without being worry about the natural thin brows.

How Much Does Eyebrow Tattooing Cost for in Sydney?

Don’t pay up to $2000 at other Salons! Doesn’t matter how long your brows are or how much you want a darker colour, our powder brows cost only $880.

We have made it highly customized and economical for women to get natural makeup look with no effort.



Realistic Process of Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing

Our eyebrow tattoo process is much more painless than you can imagine.

We first conversate with you to inform you about the details of the process.

Our brows styling expert “Amy” is super caring and friendly.

She will serve as your friend and will guide you about the color and the shape of your brows.She will frame a drawing/outline for the powder brows process according to your facial features to map out the exact shape

With the help of a digital machine, pigments will be implanted into the skin and you will get fresh powder brows.

The color will get lighter with time, but the effect of powder brows will last from 3 to 5 years with a defined shape and color to the brows.

The realistic process of powder brows lasts from two to three hours to provide you natural-looking brows.


What is the Aftercare Process After your Brow Tattoo?

Once you have your powder brows, aftercare is extremely important to make sure that the eyebrow tattoo will last.

These points include the aftercare for eyebrows tattoos.

  • Don’t workout or sweat a lot as it can lighten the color
  • Avoid using makeup around the brows tattoos for 7-10 days
  • Don’t have facial treatments during the healing process
  • Avoid taking hot and long showers
  • Avoid heavy sun exposure
  • Don’t extensively wash the brows


Amy is such a great eyebrow tattoo expert. She framed and dramatically changed my dull and thin eyebrows with the semi-permanent powder brows method. Very happy to have a fresh and prominent look with beautiful brows.

Beautifyes artists are professional to handle my oily skin. They filled my brows with a digital machine and the pain was no more than sensation. Surely recommend having powder brows from their professional team.

  • Who Are Best Fit Candidates for Eyebrow Tattoo

    You should not worry, whether your skin type is suitable for the powder brows or not.

    Permanent make up eyebrow tattoos are suitable for every skin type.

    Doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin, cosmetic eyebrows tattooing is best for you.

    Ideally, the powder brows are highly recommended:

    • If you have oily skin
    • if you have sparse brows 

    Our Sydney eyebrow tattoo expert’s knows how to handle your diverse skin types for the permanent makeup look by enhancing their color and shape.


    Who Should Not Get their Eyebrows Tattooed

    You should not get eyebrows tattoos if you had any health-related issues.

    First consult with your doctor, before making an appointment for PMU in case of these conditions.

    • If you are pregnant, you should not get the powder brows. Because in pregnancy hormonal changes occurs which may lead to an infection.
    • You should not get cosmetic eyebrows tattoos if you are under 18.
    • If you have heart problems or use pacemakers, don’t undergo powder brows. The numbing agent can interfere to increase the heartbeat.
    • If you have a weakened immune system, the infection can develop.
    • If you have epilepsy or autoimmune disorder, powder brows may be unsafe for you.
    • If you have any kind of viral infection.
    • If you had an organ transplant, the risk of developing an infection will be higher.
    • If you are suffering from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis.
    • If you have cancer or diabetes.
    • If you have a metal allergy.
    • If you are taking blood-thinning medications.
    • If you had a sort of bleeding disorder.
    • If you have keloid scarring. 


How Long Do Powder Brows Tattoos Last?

Generally, the powder brows tattoos can last from 1-5 years.

But it mostly depends on your skin type and aftercare.

If you have regular touch-up appointments and follow the aftercare steps, you can increase the lifespan of powder brows.

Will my Eyebrow Tattoo Scab?

We refer to this as “flaking” and it is quite normal and common after the eyebrows tattoo process.

You can expect the flaking to appear within 5-10 days after the treatment.

The major point of concern is, you should not touch the flaking or peel it off.

Otherwise, you will hinder or slow down the process of healing which can damage your natural eyebrows.

Will my Eyebrow Tattoo Fade?

Powder brows tattoos are a permanent process, which means the colour will fade a little at first but remain the same for some time. 

The pigment is not inserted deep in the skin, just layered onto the epidermis.

So, it will fade naturally after 1-3 years.If it fades earlier, you can have a colour touch up.

You should contact professional artists for the brow tattoos as they are permanent make up. 

Beautifeyes artists are highly recommended by satisfied customers over a long time in Sydney.


5/181 Maroubra Rd,

Maroubra NSW 2035

0451 838 321


Our Beautifeyes Salon is located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in Maroubra. To book, please call or SMS us. Due to high demand our salon is by appointment only. Free parking can be found on Anzac Parade between Maroubra Road & Wride Street. Alternatively there is parking across the street at Pacific Square Shopping Centre.