Amy Rodgers applying eyelash extensions at Beautifeyes Sydney

What is the process of applying Eyelash Extensions?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own one of the Best Sydney Eyelash Extensions Studio’s.

Eyelash extensions are fibres that replicate a natural eyelash.

Each natural lash has 1 classic lash or 1 volume fan attached to it until all the suitable lashes are carrying extensions. 

The extensions are applied to the actual lash and not the skin, which helps the lash fall out naturally,  so it is imperative that the area is clean to allow for optimal bonding.

Clients should come to their lash appointment with clean eyelashes (yes this means no mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow).

We prepare your lashes with a double cleanse. This preparation leaves us with the best possible adhesion of the extensions to the natural lash. The reason we double cleanse is the same as when you visit a hair salon.

  • The first is to lift dirts & oils
  • The 2nd is to cleanse.

Then apply an under eye gel treatment pad and your eyes remain closed for the duration of the appointment. 

Most people tend to have a lash nap in this time while your lash artist works her magic.
Working across both eyes, we isolate each natural lash & apply an extension using a mixture of curls & lengths that have been customised to your look.

At Beautifeyes, all our sets are Full sets. This means that we don’t cap or count the amount of lashes per eye. 

Depending on your set, your initial appointment can be between 1.5hrs and 3hours. See our Prices page for more info on our sets

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