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When do eyelashes grow back?

Hi my Name is Amy and I own a successful Lash Studio in Sydney and apply Eyelash Extensions everyday.

The hair has 3 cycles, it will grow to its maximum length and then fall out.

When the natural lash falls out, it takes the eyelash extension with it. This is an ideal scenario if only 1 extension is attached.

Every cycle is different. Every person’s growth is different. Sometimes the lashes can even shed on 1 eye before the other eye making the left and right side slightly different. As a Lash Artist, this is more noticeable to us as we are used to working with such fine detail

It is impossible to say that lashes fall out in a particular season or all at the same time,

On average, you could say that lashes have a 90 day cycle, It is hair and they are not in sync so they don’t all jump ship at the same time.

  • The first stage of the lashes life cycle is the Anagen phase. Studies say this cycle lashes for around 30-45 days and the lashes experience their fastest growth in this time.
  • The 2nd phase is the Catagen phase, the lash has reached its full potential and will cease growing
  • The last phase is the Telogen phase and will effectively rest until it’s ready to fall out and be replaced by a new hair in the Anagen phase.

It can be difficult to assess how long a person’s lashes will stay on for.  Each individual client will differ from the other, some clients will last longer between infills and some clients will seem to be back more often. At Beautifeyes our Eyelash Extensions application ensures that you get the longest possible hold.

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