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If you’re looking to add a little flare and glamour to your already beautiful eyes, eyelash extensions are for you. They give the look of fullness and length making them perfect for those without lashes or those who have thin lashes due applying too much mascara.

Beautifeyes Eyelash Extensions in Sydney is the best Beauty Salon to visit for the most lavish pair of high quality lashesthat everyone will be enthralled by.

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Why Choose Sydney Salon Beautifeyes For Lash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are a type of fibre designed to mimic the natural look of an eyelash. They come in many lengths, curls, thickness and colour. The lashes can be permanent enhancements that can cosmetically modify your look. There are a myriad of various lash styles that are possible to achieve.

Do you want to know more? Let’s take a look at the differences between the different eyelash extensions set.


The best beauty option for a natural appearance will be natural. The Classic Eyelash Extensions set. The subtle changes will transform your eyes to everyday elegant style.

Classic Lashes

The most natural extensions are the traditional lash sets since they are a single eyelash extension applied to one of your natural eyelashes. This lash extension process continues until all of your eyelashes are covered with an extension put on.


Hybrid Lashes are a mix of Classic and volume lashes, providing an entirely different appearance to your set.

Russian Volume

Russian volumes Lash extensions are larger and thicker due to having more volume, usually these are 4D as well as 5D lashes. That’s the number of single fibres per fan. However, this will be determined by natural lashes.

More information is available on my webpage dedicated to getting a set of gorgeous lashes with Russian Volume

Volume lashes

Lash Artists from Beautifeyes make volume eyelash fans by using specially designed tools. Two or 3 lash fibers. They are designed to resemble fans, which is why they’re referred to as fans. This fan is then attached to the natural eyelash. the process is repeated until all natural lashes are covered with fans. For more info https://mgyb.co/s/GKyC5



How much do eyelash extensions cost?

This differs between lash specialists. Our prices for new sets start at $150. When looking for services that cater to beauty, it’s best to look at the work being provided. Head over to our Eyelash Extensions price page for a full breakdown.

Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

The simple answer is yes, extensions can damage your natural lashes. Lashes that are applied poorly can absolutely be damaging. There is a method that requires patience as a lash artist & understanding of how to provide a style without compromising the health of your natural lash.


Are you looking for Cheap Eyelash Extensions near me?

While you will not find cheap lash extensions at Beautifeyes Sydney, what you will find are affordable fake lashes and amazing quality.

As the saying goes “Great work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t great”

What is my advice on cleaning eyelash extensions?

Aftercare is the most important job to look after your false eyelashes, gone are the days of “don’t wet your lashes for 24-48 hours”. This information is outdated and no longer relevant.

For best results, you should go to your lash appointment with clean lashes and also wash your face daily.


Can I wear mascara on eyelash extensions?

No, no you cannot.

The purpose of lash extensions is to make your lashes blacker, longer & neater. Mascara can ruin the neat look of lashes and even ruin volume sets.

If you have applied mascara to your volume set and your lash artist can’t remove the mascara, a full removal may be required with a new set being needed. This will end up being a more costly mistake so best to put away the mascara.


Removing eyelash extensions at home, can it be done?

It is best to have the lash extensions removed by a trained professional. At Beautifeyes we are very experienced at removing extensions.

We do however advise that if you have experienced an allergic reaction that you refrain from having them removed as this can result in the reaction occurring again.


What causes an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions?

Generally reactions are caused by the main ingredient in the glue/adhesive. Typical reactions include swelling in the upper eyelid.

If you experience this, it is best to head to your GP for the best course of treatment.

Reactions can’t be foreseen and can happen at any time over the duration of eyelash services.

It is not caused by the lash stylist changing products and unfortunately switching to a “sensitive adhesive” will not fix the problem. It is best to have a rest from lash services and eventually change to another service like lash lifts & tints.