The most common question asked. 

The honest answer is, this is very dependent on a few things…

  • With New sets, extensions are applied to all well grown lashes and eyelashes have a natural growth cycle, it’s hair,  some have reached their growth potential and will fall out and some will still be growing before falling out.  This then affects the amount of time the extensions will stay on for. 
  • The other factor is the cleanliness of the lashes at the time of appointment. Everyone has heard it before.. Clean Your Lashes Before Your Appointment. 

Like anything that requires bonding to a surface, if that surface is dirty, for example if the natural lash is dirty with makeup, then the extension will not bond well and will fall off within a day or 2. 

A set of lash extensions can last between 2 and 5 weeks. Around this time, infills are done to make the set full again. 

Sometimes appointments are left a little too long and if there are very few extensions left or many have grown out, those must be removed & a full set is required. 

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